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圧縮コイルばねCompression spring

Compression spring

Compression springs, produced by coiling spring wire, are used in direction of compression utilizing torsional elastic energy. Many compression springs are cylindrical in shape, but others are conical, barrel, or hourglass-shaped. Some springs are assembled to a metal plate or a plastic part to perform their function.

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引張・ねじりコイルばねtension torsion spring

tension torsion spring

Tension springs and torsion springs, produced by coiling spring wire, are used in direction of extension and torsion utilizing elastic energy. Various shapes of hooks (arms) on each end are offered for attachment.

ワイヤーフォームWire form

Wire form

Wire forms are manufactured by the forming process, where spring wire is shaped into various forms. They include those used to fix wheel caps for auto tires, to hold components, like clips, and standardized snap pins.

止め輪(スナップリング)Snap ring

Snap ring

Snap rings are installed in a groove on a shaft or in a hole to prevent components from moving or coming off. Some snap rings are produced by forming irregular shaped spring wire and others by pressing a plate for springs. Curvature of the rings made of wire is generally constant, but for high functional rings, it changes continuously, becoming an almost true circle when installed in a groove. In addition, we offer snap rings formed into various shapes to be used as retaining rings.

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皿ばね・薄板ばね・シム・ワッシャー類Dish spring

Dish spring

Disc springs are manufactured by forming a disc with a hole in the center, made from the spring plate, into conical shape. To manufacture bent strip springs, we form thin plates into variety of shapes to give it spring characteristics for different purposes. We produce shims in various thicknesses to fill gaps between components. Moreover, we also offer flat or spherical washers

ピストンリターン用スプリングpiston return

piston return

Piston return springs are used to push back various types of clutch pistons of AT. We can offer a wide range of products for different applications including a multi-spring assembly that has multiple compression coil springs arranged on a plate, a wave coil spring made by coiling irregular shaped wire while waving it, and a disc spring.

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駆動系樹脂部品drive system resin parts

drive system resin parts

We produce plastic parts in various shapes with heat and oil resistance, such as gutters used in MT. We can offer clip-shaped parts with design for easy assembly.