ファスナ部品  Fasteners



Various resin and metal fasteners are used to fix various automobile interior/exterior parts and connect pipes to car body. Interior parts include secret parts focusing on outward appearance, removable parts that can be reused, human body-friendly resin products with reduced VOC emission.
On the other, exterior parts include, as alternatives, easily mountable and retentive resin parts with high shear force, resin nuts that can be mounted from one direction, metal nuts used to fix temporarily to other parts.

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ハーネス部品  Harness Parts


Harness Parts

Harnesses are band clips to bundle electric wires running through a car body like blood vessels, or to fix the wires to body panels.
All of our domestic and overseas group plants produce harness products, and they are mainly supplied to harness manufactures in each plant-located country.

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クランプ部品 Clamps


Hose clamps are used for fixing hose and pipe in a car to prevent water and oil from flowing, or hoses from slipping. Typical products are plate clamps and screw clamps.
Plate clams feature the follower force against hose shot by heat using its own reaction force. We also have other products like double clamp (reinforced type) and clamp with holder for improving workability, holder-less clamp, and so on.
Screw clamps are used mainly in areas where the pull-out force is considered, because the clamps are designed to hold firmly using the axial force of screw.

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駆動系部品 Powertrain Parts

Powertrain Parts

Various springs are used for transmissions (a mechanism to shift gears). These parts help use the engine power effectively and improve fuel consumption, and furthermore accelerate/decelerate smoothly in order for passengers not to feel uncomfortable. Snap rings are also used to hold parts.
Of these springs and snap rings, about 50 parts are used for a car (a single transmission). These products are delivered to both domestic and foreign manufacturers.

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燃料系部品 Fuel Parts

Fuel Parts

This includes the following products: Valves and fuel parts for filling, storing, and providing petrol, operator-friendly one-touch connectors for piping used around radiators (radiator water); compact filters for fuel and oil systems; evapo-tube ASSY made by combining valves and connectors with the invented resin tubes.

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開閉機構部品 Open-Close Parts

Open-Close Parts

Our main products are air dampers and locks for glove boxes. The air dampers enjoy the largest share in the global market and are used worldwide. As for the locks, there are two types: one is the existing "center-fixed" locks and the other is locks "to be fixed on the sides of glove box", which were first commercialized in Japan.
Our locks also have the largest market share in Japan.

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精密部品  Precision parts


Precision parts

We have offered various products including metal parts,plastic parts, and compound components of them.

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生活・セキュリティ関連Consumer & Security

生活関連 Shape Memory alloy coil springs

Shape Memory alloy coil springs

Our elasticity technology helps to make our lives more convenient. Shape-memory alloy made of nickel and titanium is incorporated in home appliances and commercial equipment.

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セキュリティ関連 Security sealing band

Security sealing band

The security parts are used when sealing moneybags or container vehicles.
Once sealed, it cannot be opened again without breaking the seal. This is helpful in preventing illegal activities.

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